To (ch)eat or not to (ch)eat?

I am trying to lose weight. It’s an ongoing struggle. I am sure that you can ask anyone who’s been on a diet that you can lose a lot of weight by sticking to a very strict diet, but it will mostly be water weight … from crying!

I don’t like dieting. I think diets seldom work. To lose weight you must make a conscious effort to eat healthy, avoid sugar and fat, drink lots of water and exercise. Now we all know that is what we need to do on a daily basis, yet it is the most difficult thing to do.

I have been doing all of the above for most of last week, but the weekend has been a little more difficult. Last night we had waffles and ice-cream for dinner. Oh the shame!

I ended up giving most of my waffles and ice cream to the hubby who I didn’t hear complaining about the extra helping, so it wasn’t all that bad. Calories shared are less harm full after all. Not so? Well that’s my theory and I am sticking to it!

This morning in the office however… #EPICfail! Our newly elected office president brought the most delicious looking cupcakes which his girlfriend baked last night. I was good and only stuck to having one…

Ok, fine, that’s a lie, I had two! Pffft!

I envy people who have naturally fast metabolisms. They should bottle whatever causes it and sell it – they will be sure to make a killing!

So until that happens, I will stick to my regime of eating lots of fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water and exercising every day. Yeah right, who am I kidding?!

Oh lordy… *Groan*

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2 Responses to To (ch)eat or not to (ch)eat?

  1. Krokodil says:

    My life in a nutshell. Starting every day with THAT resolution. Like you said: who am I kidding?! I am going to move my stepper to the TV room and get all the seasons of Supernatural and Sons of Anarchy on dvd.

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