Carpe vino – Seize the wine!

I like wine. Wait, that’s an understatement… I LOVE wine. A lot. More than most people. I drink it, I cook with it, I enjoy it.

One problem though… I do not have what other wine experts (some snooty wine snobs amongst them) might call proper wine knowledge. I know that I like Merlot, but that certain Shiraz’s don’t go down that well. I prefer red, but I also enjoy slightly dry white  and the occasional *gasp* glass of sweet rose. Some cheaper wines are in my opinion stacks better than the very expensive varieties. So what if I enjoy them? My wine drinking has got nothing to do with being fashionable or any of the other things a lot of other non-wine -lovers-but-wine-drinkers-because-they-think-it-makes-them-cool think it portrays.

I do not like wine snobs laughing at me when I ask silly questions about wine, but how am I supposed to learn?

I think I do however need to attend a proper wine course… any suggestions on good ones to go to?

Cheers! *clink*

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One Response to Carpe vino – Seize the wine!

  1. Cindy says:

    I can really recommend The Wine School. Alas you didn’t win the giveaway course this time, but it would be a really good investment to go on the course. And ignore the snobs, there really are no rules, just enjoy your wine; there is nothing wrong with sweet rose!

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