Get me connected!

Six months ago I started working for a digital agency. One of the best (if not the best) digital agencies in the country. Now I have always been a little bit  (ok, I’ll admit, a major bit) of a social media freak, but I did not realise how insignificant my time engaging in social media was until I had a look at the stats of some of my current colleagues and friends on facebook, twitter, linkedin and the likes.

I am trailing most of them by a huge margin and frankly, it is quite embarrassing! So I have embarked on a new mission, a very simple one which is to become a lot more connected. I plan to actively gain more followers on twitter since it is the one social media platform where everybody who is anybody seems to be at.

So please, follow me @NoeleneMostert and help me to reach my first goal of at least doubling my twitter followers by the end of this week!

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